Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well...I found out the other day...(of all places at my Eye Doctor) that I have low blood pressure. I don't remember the second number, but the first was 93. She said I should go to the doctor's, esp. since I have some of the symptoms, a couple being diziness, blurred vision sometimes, lack of oxygen to the lungs, exhaustion, etc.

Unlike high blood pressure symptoms, which are poorly defined and often totally absent, low blood pressure has several classic, easily recognized symptoms. The development of symptoms is considered an indicator that a patient should be evaluated to discover the cause of the low blood pressure and to rule out any underlying problems. Generally, blood pressure must fall to a fairly low value before symptoms develop.

Clincally, the value most often associated with the development of symptoms is 90/60, though this varies from person to person. Situations where the blood pressure drops rapidly, rather than exists chronically at a low level, do not require the blood pressure to drop to 90/60 before symptoms develop. Instead, changes of about 20mmHg from baseline blood pressure have been shown to cause classic low blood pressure symptoms.

Classic symptoms of low blood pressure include:
Dizziness, or feeling like you’re standing on a rocking boat (I get this!)
Changes in mental status (difficulty concentrating, confusion) or a sense of "impending doom" or anxiety
Changes in breathing patterns (fast, shallow breathing is common during an episode of low blood pressure)
Suddenly feeling cold or clammy, or a rapid onset of pale skin.

While all of these symptoms indicate that a visit to the doctor is needed, fainting or ongoing dizziness warrant an immediate visit to either your own doctor or to the emergency room.
Pray that I find out what's wrong with me if anything!


Leah said...

i have low blood pressure too! they always have to check me twice because it is too far below normal. (sometimes because the cuff they are using is too big for my arm though)
my mom has low blood pressure too i think. so far it hasn't caused me any trouble - that i know of at least!

Rebecca said...

And have very low blood pressure too, do you think it runs in the family? haha....anyways, don't think you should worry about it, low blood pressure is very common, and causes little side affects.

The only thing that can think of that also immulates those symptoms is hypothyrodism,which is very treatble.

Low blood pressure, is not serious, and the only bummer is the occational side effects. love ya girl.

Bethany said...

Yeah I know most of the time it's not anything to think about. And my mom has always had naturally low blood pressure- so it could run in the fam- but the thing that I'm worried about is the symptoms of dizziness, and the lack of oxygen. I'm still gonna go to the Doc's just to make sure that nothing else is wrong with me. Thanks guys!