Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Anthology- of a 20yr old soul

I'm starting to read a new book by Ben Courson (Jon Courson's youngest son) called Anthology of a twenty year old soul. It's a book by someone from THIS generation, and wanting to reveal something of God's heart, and ignite a multitude of hearts with a renewed passion for Him.

I've only read the first few paragraphs and already am excited...

Let me share a taste...

---"We are a new generation fated to shake the foundations of the earth. We are conduits of change destined to transmit restoration to the world. This is our era and now is our time to arise and shine. God has put a new song in our hearts, and our voices will resound. We haev a platform and we will declare amazing grace. God has put his light within us and it's brilliance will not be shrouded. We will aim for God's power. We will not be afraid."- Ben Courson, Anthology of a Twenty Year Old Soul pg 12

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